kinkaid chronicles

This multi-book story is narrated by English ex-pat and rock & roll superstar guitarist John Peter (JP) Kinkaid. While each book in the Chronicles has a mystery element, each follows the last in a complex arc that follows JP, with his multiple sclerosis, heart condition and unusual personal history, as he finally comes of age in his fifties. The Kinkaid Chronicles give the reader an all-access backstage pass to how musicians work, live, and love.


Rock and Roll Never Forgets

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JP Kinkaid, aging guitarist for long-lived megastar rock band Blacklight, has got a few things to deal with.
For one thing, there are the two women in his life: Bree, the private, fiercely protective girl he fell in love with when she was still a teenager; and Cilla, the obsessive ambitious wife of thirty years from whom he's been long estranged. He's lived with Bree for over twenty-five years, but has never been able to fully let go of Cilla. Then there’s his multiple sclerosis, a disease which compounds the pressures of a touring band.
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While My Guitar Gently Weeps

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Blacklight guitarist JP Kinkaid is recently widowed, home in San Francisco, and engaged to his long-time lover, Bree Godwin. JP is sitting in as the second guitarist on a new CD by his longtime local friends, the Bombardiers.
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London CallingLondon Calling

Book Three of The Kinkaid Chronicles takes JP and Bree first to London for their honeymoon, and then to the Cannes Film Festival - and leaves their happiness and safety in danger from unfinished business.
A quarter-century ago, legendary director Sir Cedric Parmeley filmed a documentary about three bands, called Playing in the Dark. One of those bands was Blacklight. At the time, Blacklight refused permission for Parmeley to release it. Now living in the South of France, Parmeley has edited the film and gained approval. All three bands have agreed to play a promotional concert at the Roman amphitheatre at Frejus, near Cannes.
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When JP Kinkaid is asked by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominating committee to suggest an inductee under the "Early Influences" category, he has no hesitation in naming his childhood idol, delta bluesman Farris “Bulldog” Moody. Bulldog, alive and living in the southern Ohio town of Ofagoula, meets with JP - and the two form a deep and immediate bond. With the help of music historian and fellow heart patient Chester Kobel, JP prepares the speech that will officially enshrine Bulldog in the Hall of Fame.
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Book of Days

The release of Blacklight's double CD, Book of Days, looks like business as usual; the band plans its usual relaxed tour, this time asking Bombardiers keyboard ace Tony Mancuso to join them. No one can predict what happens next: the CD goes platinum, generating a huge hit and the need for a very different tour.
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and beyond…

Stay tuned for plot summaries and synopses of the sixth Uncle John's Band, seventh Dead Flowers and every Chronicle beyond!