Dead Flowers – Book 7

When the Fog City Geezers sign a recording contract with Fluorescent Records, band founder JP Kinkaid makes an unusual decision: to record a live show as their first CD.

Climbing into a tour bus named Magic with the band and his wife, Bree, he’s expecting no more than the usual glitches and problems that happen when any band hits the road. What he’s not expecting is a sudden series of interpersonal crises. Every one of those crises is linked to Fluorescent’s signing of longtime thorn in JP’s side, the disruptive and unpleasant bassist, Bergen Sandoval.

By the night of the label’s CD release party at an exclusive Hollywood nightclub, tensions within the Fluorescent artist family have reached breaking point. When Bergen dies in the club’s bathroom of an apparent coke overdose, Blacklight security chief and retired homicide detective Patrick Ormand suspects the white powder contains more than just cocaine – and things suddenly look bad for one member of the band family.