More than a quarter century has passed since St. Martin’s Press brought out the first edition of Deborah Grabien’s acclaimed novel “Plainsong”. 

Now, Plus One Press will be re-releasing this Utopian fantasy in trade paperback, hardback and, for the first time ever, in ebook format.

Here are some of what the press and other authors had to say the first time around:

“Write more, lady. It’s been a long time between fresh breaths.”

—Roger Zelazny, 1990

A witty, beautifully written, and essentially post-Christian “Fable for the Millennium.” Seek it out.

—Locus, 1991

Grabien weaves Christian, Greek and Hindu myth into an alternative vision of life and a remarkable understanding of faith.

—Publishers Weekly, 1990

A delightful and gripping tale.

—San Francisco Chronicle, 1990

What an utterly enchanting book Plainsong is – a crafty fable that ensnares your imagination, then, as neatly as any fairy spell, lures you irretrievably into the tale.

—Jacksonville Times-Union, 1990

A charming fantasy, simply yet humorously evoked.

—Kirkus Reviews, 1990

A deceptively simple but haunting tale that interweaves mythology with the religions of the world.


One is reminded, while savoring Deborah Grabien’s Plainsong, of C.S. Lewis’ Narnia stories, and of the spiritually landscaped tales of Madeleine L’Engle. Ms. Grabien enters their company effortlessly and with grace. This is a lovely and thought-inspiring book. One hopes that it will be received in the right spirit by theologians, and appreciated by all readers, for the act of imagination that it is.

—Ralph Blum, author of The Book of Rune Cards


Originally published April 1990

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“Her imaginative story makes the fantastic seem possible.”

Publishers Weekly

“A satisfying, gratifying tale – one of the more pleasant alternative realities, and is guaranteed to bring a serene smile to your face.”

Jacksonville Times-Union

“Très charmant.”